Hedrick hopes to answer questions about life history evolution

Ashley HedrickAfter graduating with her bachelors from Earlham College, Ashley Hedrick spent two years in a variety of field jobs. She spent a month in the Bahamas studying rock iguanas. Then there was a field season in Nebraska, followed by a time in Trinidad. She investigated the spacial ecology of the desert tortoise in Las Vegas. Last was the river in Illinois, where she studied alligator snapping turtles.

After years working on the research of others, Hedrick decided to devote her time to her own questions. This fall, she returned to school as a Ph.D. candidate. She is co-advised by Dr. Anne Bronikowski and Dr. Fredric Janzen. With the help of her advisers, she will explore topics in life history evolution.

"I think it's interesting seeing, especially with widely-dispersed species, how different individual populations do things based on whatever environmental or abiotic factors they are queuing into."

Now in graduate school, Hedrick has the chance answer her own questions. While she develops her dissertation topic, she's adjusting to life in Ames by attending EEB social events and baking.