Studying the life history of the common garter snake


Jeremy AndersenAfter six years with the Wyoming National Guard and a deployment to the Middle East, Jeremy Andersen decided it was time to finish his degree. When his wife found employment in Iowa, Andersen enrolled at ISU and earned his bachelors in Biology.

Andersen has always been into herps. But after taking Dr. Fredric Janzen's Herpetology class, he also gained an interest in reproductive strategies. With the advice of EEOB alumnus Dr. Eric Gangloff, he applied to the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology program.

He now works with both Dr. Anne Bronikowski and Dr. Brent Danielson. His research focuses on the life history and reproductive strategies of the common garter snake, Thamnophis sirtalis. After earning his masters, he'd like to pursue a Ph.D., exploring the topic of parthenogenesis.