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One copy of the pdfs posted on this webpage may be downloaded for your personal use, pursuant to the copyright agreements with the publishing journals.

McGaugh, SE, AM Bronikowski, C-H Kuo, DM Reding, EA Addis, LE Flagel, FJ Janzen & TS Schwartz. 2015. Rapid molecular evolution across amniotes of the IIS/TOR network. PNAS 112(22): 7055-7060. [link]

  • Highlighted on Iowa Public Radio New Show “River-to-River [link]

Miller, DAW, FJ Janzen, G Fellers, P Kleeman, AM Bronikowski. 2014. Biodemography of ectothermic tetrapods provides insights into the evolution and plasticity of mortality trajectories. Ch 13 in Comparative Biodemography: Sociality, Hierarchy, Health. The National Academies Press (Washington DC). [pdf]

Sparkman, AM, AM Bronikowski, S Williams, S Parsai, W Manhart & MG Palacios. 2014
Physiological indices of stress in wild and captive garter snakes: correlations, repeatability, and ecological variation. Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry Part A 174: 11-17. [pdf]

The Python Genome Consortium (T Castoe et al.) 2013. The Burmese python genome reveals the molecular basis for extreme adaptation in snakes. PNAS 110(51) 20645-20650 [link]

Palacios, MG, JE Cunnick & AM Bronikowski. 2013. Complex interplay of condition, life-history, and prevailing environment shape immune defenses of snakes in the wild. Physiological & Biochemical Zoology. 86: 547-558. [pdf]

Alberts, SC, J Altmann, DK Brockman, M Cords, LM Fedigan, A Pusey, T Stoinski, KB Strier, WF Morris & AM Bronikowski. 2013. Reproductive cessation patterns in primates reveal that humans are distinct. PNAS 110: 13440-5. [link]

  • See Iowa Press Release [link], and ScienceNews [link]. Featured on Iowa Public Radio, Talk of Iowa [link]

The Painted Turtle Genome Consortium (HB Shaffer et al.) 2013. The painted turtle genome: The evolution of extreme physiological adaptations in a slowly evolving lineage. Genome Biology 2013 Mar 28;14(3):R28. [link]

  • See Iowa Press Release [link]

  • See feature [link]

Sparkman, AM, JG Billings, D von Borstel, AM Bronikowski & SJ Arnold. 2013. Avian predation and the evolution of life histories in the garter snake Thamnophis elegans. American Midland Naturalist 170: 66-85. [pdf]

Burniston, JG, TH Meek, SN Pandey, G Broitman-Maduro, MF Maduro, AM Bronikowski, T Garland Jr. & Y-W Chen. 2013. Gene expression profiling of gastrocnemius of “Mini-Muscle” mice. Physiological Genomics: doi:10.1152/physiolgenomics.00149.2012 [link]

Schwartz, T & AM Bronikowski. 2013. Dissecting molecular stress networks: identifying nodes of divergence between life-history phenotypes. Molecular Ecology 22:739-756. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-294X.2012.05750.x [pdf]

Reding, DM, AM Bronikowski, WE Johnson & WR Clark. 2012. Pleistocene and ecological effects on continental-scale genetic differentiation in the bobcat (Lynx rufus). Molecular Ecology 21: 3078-3093 (DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-294X.2012.05595.x) [pdf]

  • Winner of The Wildlife Society “Outstanding Article of 2012” award

Sparkman, Amanda M., Tonia S. Schwartz, Jill A. Madden, Scott E. Boyken, Neil B. Ford, Jeanne M. Serb, Anne M. Bronikowski. 2012. Rates of molecular evolution vary in vertebrates for insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1), a pleiotropic locus that regulates life history traits. General and Comparative Endocrinology 178: 164-173 [pdf]

Palocios, MG, AM Sparkman, & AM Bronikowski. 2012. Corticosterone and pace of life in two life-history ecotypes of the garter snake Thamnophis elegans. General and Comparative Endocrinology 175: 443-448. [pdf]

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Castoe, TA, AM Bronikowski, ED Brodie III, SV Edwards, ME Pfrender, MD Shapiro, DD Pollock & WC Warren. 2011. A proposal to sequence the genome of a garter snake (Thamnophis sirtalis). Standards in Genomic Sciences 4(2): DOI doi:10.4056/sigs.1664145. [link]

Miller, DA, WR Clark, SJ Arnold, AM Bronikowski. 2011. Stochastic population dynamics and life-history evolution in the western terrestrial garter snake. Ecology 92: 1658 – 1671. [pdf]

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Byars, Dawn J., Neil B. Ford, Amanda M. Sparkman, and Anne M. Bronikowski. 2010. Influences of Diet and Family on Age of Maturation in Brown House Snakes, Lamprophis fuliginosus. Herpetologica 66 (4): 456-463. [pdf]

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Robert K & AM Bronikowski. 2010. Evolution of senescence: Physiological evolution in natural populations of the garter snake with divergent life history ecotypes. American Naturalist 175: 147 - 159.[pdf] Featured in Natural History Magazine, November 2010, Samplings. “Old cold-bloods”

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