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  • Evolutionary Genetics. BIOL/Gen 462
    (Undergrad/Grad, 3cr, Spring, Every year)
    The genetic basis of evolutionary processes in higher organisms. The role of genetic variation in adaptation, natural selection, adaptive processes, and the influence of random processes on evolutionary change.
  • Conceptual Foundations of Ecology and Evolution. EEB 511
    (Grad, 4cr, Fall, Odd years)
    Introduction to key figures and ideas that have shaped the development of ecology and evolutionary biology. Covers major developments in ecology and evolutionary biology at five levels of biological organization: Genome, Organism, Population,Community, and Ecosystem. Impacts of these developments on current approaches to investigation and argument formulation. Effects of technological advances on the direction of scientific investigations.
  • Evolutionary Ecology. EEOB 514
    (Grad, 4cr, Fall, Odd years)
    (Discontinued in 2009 and replaced with above course.)
    Evolution of ecological adaptations at the individual, population, community and landscape levels. Emphasis is on evolutionary mechanisms and adaptive strategies; units and mechanisms of evolution, life history strategies, species interactions and organization of communities, behavior, and patterns of distribution, speciation and macroevolution.
  • Professional Skills. EEOB 590AB
    (Grad, 1cr, Fall, Even years)
    An introduction to succeeding in graduate school, obtaining a post-doc and competing on the job market. Running themes will be taking initiative on your own direction, thinking in the long-term while not losing sight of the short-term, maximizing bang for your time (& buck), etc. Writing assignments will include construction of CV, teaching portfolio, research statements, and job cover letters. Guest lecturers and panel discussions are brought in as appropriate.
  • Genet 692. Foundations of Genetics.
    (Grad, 1cr, Fall, Every year)
    This is a required course for Genetics graduate students and covers the major figures in the development of the field of genetics during the 20th century.