Ecological Methods - Course Requirements

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The prerequisites for AEcl/Biol 371 are Biol 312 (Ecology), and Stat 101 or 104 (Introductory Statistics). We have emphasized to your advisors that we expect the students entering these courses to have completed the prerequisites. Students must have some basic knowledge of conservation issues, principles of ecology, and quantitative skills such as statistics and computing, before attempting the course.


  • Bookout, T. A., ed. 1994. Research and management techniques for wildlife and habitats. The Wildlife Society, Bethesda, Md. 740pp.
  • Clark, W. R. (current). Outline of Ecological Methods.


Final grades will be determined based on the proportions listed below. Final grades in past years have been assigned according to a "flexed" scale of 90-100 = A, 80-89 = B, etc.

Exam 1 --February 19


Exam 2 --April 2


Final --week of May 5


Lab attendance and assignments


Lecture exams will cover material from lectures and assigned readings up to and including dates announced in lecture. Lab quizzes may be unannounced.

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