Selected Publications

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  • Agricultural landscapes
  • Wetlands
        • Baschuk, M. S., M. D. Ervin, D. A. Wrubleski, L. M. Armstrong, and W. R. Clark. Using satellite imagery to assess macrophyte response to water-level manipulations in the Saskatchewan River Delta, Manitoba. Wetlands (in final review).
        • Clark, W. R. 2000. Ecology of muskrats in prairie wetlands. Pages 287-313 in H. R. Murkin, A. G. van der Valk, and W. R. Clark (eds.) Prairie wetland ecology: the contribution of the Marsh Ecology Research Program. Iowa State University Press, Ames.
        • Clark, W. R. and D. W. Kroeker. 1993. Population dynamics of muskrats in experimental marshes at Delta, Manitoba. Canadian Journal of Zoology 71:1620-1628.
  • Disease
        • Nusser, S. M., W. R. Clark, D. L. Otis and L. Huang. 2008. Sampling design considerations for disease surveillance in wildlife populations. Journal of Wildlife Management 72:52-60.
        • Hill, R. E. Jr., J. J. Zimmerman, R. W. Wills, S. Patton, and W. R. Clark. 1998. Seroprevalence of antibodies against Toxoplasma gondii in free-ranging mammals in Iowa. Journal of Wildlife Diseases 34:811-815.
        • Zimmerman, J. J., R. E. Hill Jr., K. E. Smith, B. L. Kneeland, K. B. Platt, H. T. Hill, G. W. Beran, W. R. Clark, and L. D. Miller. 1994. Encephalomyocarditis virus infection in raccoons (Procyon lotor). Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 25:233-239.

    Update 06/27/2013