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Lei Gong

 Position: Ph.D. student

Area of interest: Plant Genetics and gene evolution in the polyploidy speciation

Previous degree:

2001-2005, Bachelor degree - School of Life Sciences in Northeast Normal University;
2005-2008, Master degree - Institute of Genetics and Cytology in Northeast Normal University;

 Current Research Project:

 Evolutionary changes of rbcS/rbcL in the polyploidization of cotton:

Specially about rbcS (nuclear genome gene) and rbcL (chloroplast genome gene) encoding the small and large subunit of Rubisco, respectively.

Based upon the previous EST database, it is planned to determine the copy number and sequences of rbcS in the progenitor diploid cotton (A2 and D5 genome) and their tetraploid offsprings. Meanwhile, we will analyze the expression pattern of these A- and D-origin copies in the allotetraploid.

We will estimate changes of A2-origin rbcL in aspects of its copy number and expression using maternal-parent diploid and tetraploid cotton.

 Office Phone: 515-294-7098

 Cell phone: 515-203-1811

 Previous publication:

 Extent and pattern of genetic differentiation between two ecotypes of Leymus chinensis revealed by amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP) analysis Lei Gong , Xinxin Song, Mu Li , Wanli Guo, Lanjuan Hu, Yunfei Yang, Yufei Zhang, Xiaofang Zhong, Deli Wang and Bao Liu Canadian Journal of Botany , 2007, 85(9):813-821

 Clonal genetic diversity and populational genetic differentiation in Phragmites australis distributed in the Songnen Prairie in northeast China as revealed by amplified fragment length polymorphism and sequence-specific amplification polymorphism molecular markers Mu Li *, Lei. Gong * (co-author) , Qin Tian, Lanjuan Hu, Wanli Guo, J.N. Kimatu, Deli Wang and Bao Liu Annals of Applied Biology , 2008 May, 154 (1): 43 – 55

Genomic instability in phenotypically normal regenerants of medicinal plant Codonopsis lanceolata Benth. et Hook. f., as revealed by ISSR and RAPD markers Wanli Guo; Lei Gong; Zhaofeng Ding; Yidan Li; Siping Zhao and Bao Liu Plant Cell Rep, 2006 Sep; 25 (9):896-906

Efficient micropropagation of Robinia ambigua var. idahoensis ( Idaho Locust) and detection of genomic variation by ISSR markers. Wanli Guo, Yidan Li, Lei Gong, Fengxia Li, Yingshan Dong and Bao Liu Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture, 2006 March; 84 (3): 343-351

Genomic variation in micropropagated Robinia ambigua 'idahoensis' revealed by RAPD markers Frederic Ngezahayo, Wanli Guo, Lei Gong, Fangxia Li, and Bao Liu Hortscience, 2006, 41: 1466-1468.

Tissue culture-induced locus-specific alteration in DNA methylation and its correlation with genetic variation in Codonopsis lanceolata Benth. et Hook. f.
Wanli Guo, Rui Wu, Yufei, Zhang; Xiaoming Liu; Hongyan Wang; Lei Gong, Zonghen Zhang and Bao Liu Plant Cell Rep , 2007 Mar 10 [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 17351777

 Genetic variation in natural populations of Hordeum brevisubulatum native to the Songnen Prairie in northeastern China: comparison of four nuclear DNA markers Mu Li, Wanli Guo, Lanjuan Hu, Xiaoming Liu, Yunfei Zhang, Rui Wu, Lei Gong, Zongheng Zhang and Bao Liu Canadian Journal of Plant Science , 2007 October, 87 (4): 773-780

 Genetic and epigenetic divesity in annual wild soybean(Glycine soja)and cultivated soybean (G. max) in China, as revealed by AFLP and MSAP analysis Xiaofang Zhong, Yumin Wang, Xiaodong Liu , Lei Gong , Yan Ma, Bao Qi, Bao Liu and Yingshan Dong Canadian Journal of Plant Science , accepted and in press