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Mi-Jeong Yoo


Position: Post-Doctoral Research Associate

Areas of interest: Phylogeny and evolution of flowering plants; polyploidy; plant development

Previous Degrees: PhD in Botany, University of Florida, December 2008;

MS in Biology, Seoul National University, Korea, March 2000

Current research projects : Genomic dominance in polyploids, QTL analysis of an F2 between a truly wild and domesticated Gossypium hirsutum, fiber development in wild and cultivated cottons.

Office phone: 515-294-7098

Email :

List of Publications:

YOO, M-J , PS Soltis, DE Soltis. Expression of floral MADS-box genes in flowers of two divergent “water lilies”: Nymphaeales and Nelumbo.International Journal of Plant Sciences [In press].

Soltis, PS, RJA Buggs, JG Burleigh, AS Chanderbali, M-J YOO , DE Soltis. Gene and genome duplications in plants. Book chapter. [In press] Soltis, PS, SF Brockington, M-J YOO , A Piedranhita, M Latvis, MJ Moore, AS Chanderbali, DE Soltis. 2009. Floral variation and floral genetics in basal angiosperms. American Journal of Botany 96: 110-128.

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