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Research in the Nason Lab

Research in the Nason Lab lab focuses on both pattern and process in the evolution of plants and their associated insect herbivores and pollinators. From a population genetic standpoint, “pattern” includes the organization or structuring of molecular genetic variation within and among individuals, populations, and species. Because genetic structure is an evolving character, when viewed from a multilocus or genomic perspective, observed patterns in the data can be seen to reflect different evolutionary forces and histories.


Welcome to the Nason Lab


Members of the Nason lab are evolutionary biologists who use ecological and genetic approaches to study evolutionary processes. A common theme in our research has been investigation of the factors influencing gene flow and their impact on the structuring of genetic variation at various scales of organization, be it within populations, across natural landscapes, or between diverging species.


Recent and ongoing areas of research in the Nason Lab includes: Read more about Welcome to the Nason Lab