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Isolation by Distance Web Service

IBDWS, short for Isolation by Distance Web Service, is a web server based application for analyzing the relationship between (genetic) isolation and (geographic) distance. IBDWS works with both diploid genetic marker and haploid DNA sequence data, and for genetic distances calculates Wright's Fst (or PhiST for sequence data), Slatkin's M-hat, and Roussett's linearized Fst. Be sure to the the About IBDWS page for helpful information about using the program:


SPAGeDi, short for Spatial Pattern Analysis of Genetic Diversity, is a new computer package primarily designed to characterize the spatial genetic structure of mapped individuals and/or mapped populations using codominant or dominant genotype data of any ploidy level. It can compute various statistics describing relatedness or differentiation between individuals or populations by pairwise comparisons, and analyze how these values are related to geographical distances (see also GenAlEx).