I am currently involved in teaching 4 courses a year. These are Biology 211(Principles of Biology I), LAS 125X (Biology Connections Seminar), Biology 455/EEOB 555 (Bryophyte and Lichen Biodiversity), and Biology 393(North American Field Trip in Biology: Biodiversity of the Boreal Forest).  I also lead the weekly teaching assistant training sessions for the Biology 211L laboratory teaching assistants.  In addition, I serve as the teaching mentor for the annual Knaphus College Teaching Fellowship.

In my teaching I strive to deeply engage students and help them understand the relationship of the academic topics we consider to their own lives.  I am particularly interested in the challenge of engaging students in large format introductory classes.  Some of the approaches for engaging students in such contexts are described here ( Engaging Students: Large Format Classes and Service-Learning).  I incorporate numerous opportunities for students in my large format classes to discuss and think more deeply about aspects of what I trying to help them learn.  A video of one such approach is available here (Small-group interactive activities to supplement instruction). I also incorporate service-learning opportunities into my classes.  One such example is the Skunk River Navy.