Photo taken at a Botrychium plot about 500 feet from the Pacific Ocean about 30-40 miles south of the village of Yakutat Alaska


Donald R. Farrar
Ph.D., Michigan, 1971.


Dept. of Evolution and Organismal Biology
Iowa State University
353 Bessey Hall
Ames, IA 50011-1020



337 Bessey Hall
(515) 294-4846
(515) 294-1337



Botany 356 Dendrology

Trees and Shrubs on Campus

Research Interests

One aspect of my research is directed to processes of reproduction in ferns and other pteridophytes. We combine laboratory and field experiments to compare species' reproductive success and relate this to their natural occurrence and distribution. We are currently studying the role of gametophyte morphology, including production of gemmae, in the ecology, reproduction, and dispersal of fern species. Understanding the evolution and ecology of ferns provides insight, in turn, to broader questions of plant geography and evolution. Another aspect of my research studies the community composition and dynamics of Iowa forests, and restoration of forest diversity.

Selected Publications

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