September 23, 2015
New research from an Iowa State University ecologist shows that agricultural inputs such as nitrogen and phosphorous alter soil microbial communities, which may have unintended environmental consequences. Adding nitrogen and phosphorous, commonly used as fertilizers, to the soil beneath...
September 16, 2015
Dr. Diane Debinski and Dr. John Pleasants, in collaboration with other ISU researchers, received funding via the National Conservation Innovation Grant to develop and accelerate the adoption of innovative approaches to monarch butterfly conservation, with a focus on developing methods appropriate...
August 27, 2015
As the ESA celebrates it's 100th anniversary this year, they've produced a video to highlight the discipline and some of its practitioners.   One of those highlighted is Jeramie Strickland, an EEB/EEOB alum.   Moreover, the opening shot (and the closing seconds of the video)...
August 24, 2015
The Ada Hayden Herbarium was recently  awarded an NSF Advancing Digitization of Biodiversity Collections project subaward for digitization of ~36,000 fungal specimens in the Herbarium.  This digitization project is a step in joining the Microfungi Collections Consortium, a “Thematic...
August 11, 2015
Dr. Davide Faggionato, post-doc with the Serb lab, was awarded a Leakey Foundation research grant in spring of 2015.  His project is entitled "Molecular and functional analysis of vision in three hominin species." See the recent spotlight on Faggionato published by the Leakey...
July 23, 2015
Ph.D. canidate, Casey Judge, was recently elected as Chair Elect of the Women in Wetlands section of the Society of Wetland Scientists. She will progress through three year cycle of positions, with a year as chair elect, then chair, and finally a year as past chair. The goal of...
July 13, 2015
EEOB graduate, Dr. Andy Kraemer, recently received an NSF postdoctoral fellowship to continue his work on Galapagos land snails and expand his research to Hawaiian Achatinelline snails.  The goal of his project to to determine if ecological or morphological diversity is lost during modern...
July 06, 2015
The New York Times turned to Dr. Fredric Janzen in its recent article on the effects of hotter temperatures on teh sex determination of bearded dragons. Read More
July 06, 2015
A recent article appearing in The Scientist, discusses sex-determination in bearded dragons. Valenzuela discusses the possibility of the species transitioning to thermal sex determination. Read More
July 01, 2015
The "Distinguised Fellow of the Botanical Society of America" is the highest honor the Society can bestow. Awardees are chosen based on their outstanding contributions to the mission of the Society. Read More
June 16, 2015
On the latest edition of River to River, Dr. Anne Bronikowski discusses cutting edge genetic research. Listen In
June 04, 2015
Monitoring soil carbon increases and nutrient retention in agricultural grounds is a challenging task. The processes occur over long periods of time, and nature rarely follows a set order – varying spatial scales create diversity among communities of organisms, as well as events such as energy...
June 03, 2015
M.S. candidate, Jennifer Dixon, was awarded first place in the TRIARCH "Botanical Images" Student Travel Award. This awards provides travel support to BSA meetings for outstanding work in the area of creating botanical digital images. Learn More
May 28, 2015
After recent graduate Kimberly Szcodronski received her Master of Science in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology in December 2014, she worked for the Yellowstone Wolf Project tracking and observing the newly formed Prospect Peak Wolf Pack in Yellowstone National Park, WY.  Szcodronsk is...
May 13, 2015
Calculus for the Life Sciencs: A Modeling Approach is a calculus and differiential equations text for first and second year university students. Read More
May 13, 2015
Ph.D. candidate, Lakshmi Attigala was awareded the GPSS Research and Teaching awards April 2, 2015.
May 13, 2015
Hilary Haley spends part of every week as a graduate student at ISU and also as an employee of The Nature Conservancy working at the Dunn Ranch in Missouri.  Her M.S. research focuses on how bee communities respond to grassland restoration.
May 13, 2015
Dr. Chris Chandler, graduate of EEOB, recently received the NSF Faculty Early Career grant for his work with isopods commonly known as pillbugs or potato bugs. Read More
May 13, 2015
Over the last 210 million years, turtles successfully colonized and adapted to freshwater, marine, and terrestrial environments worldwide. This ecological diversification is reflected in the remarkable shell variation of living turtles, suggesting that processes governing the formation of the...
May 13, 2015
Leanne Martin, a recent graduate of EEB, and Brian Wilsey recently tested how exotic grassland species altered beta diversity (diversity caused by species turnover from place to place) in 42 grassland sites along a latitudinal gradient from Minnesota to central Texas. The paper was published in...


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