Dr. Dean Adams photo
Evolutionary Biology, Morphometrics, Biostatistics
Dr. Lori Biederman photo
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Community Ecology, Conservation Ecology, Restoration Ecology
Anne Bronikowski
Life-history Evolution
Dr. Lynn Clark in the grass room of the Pohl Conservatory
Plant Systematics and Evolution
Jim Colbert in the Boundary Waters
Associate Professor, Biology Program Director
Evolution Education, Biodiversity Education, Iowa Lichen Diversity
William Crumpton
Environmental Science, Water Resources, Wetland Ecology
Brent Danielson
Small Mammal Ecology and Evolution
Diane Debinski
Professor, Chair, EEB Program
Conservation Biology
Dr. Steven Hall photo
Assistant Professor
Ecosystem Ecology, Biogeochemistry
Assistant Professor
Statistical Phylogenetics, Macroevolution, Molecular Evolution
Matthew Hufford
Assistant Professor
Evolutionary Genomics, Population Genetics
Dr. Fred Janzen photo
Quantitative Genetics, Evolutionary Biology, Life-history Evolution
Dennis Lavrov
Associate Professor, Chair, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Graduate Program
Molecular Phylogenetics, Evolutionary Genomics, Invertebrate Biology
Dr. Chaoqun Lu photo
Assistant Professor
Macro-systems Ecology, Ecosystem Modeling, Global Biogeochemistry
Dr. Kirk Moloney photo
Plant Population and Community Ecology, Spatial Statistics
Dr. John D. Nason
Professor and Chair
Population Genetics, Molecular Ecology, Evolutionary Biology
Dr. John Pleasants photo
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Insect and Plant Population Biology
Dr. Barbara Pleasants photo
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Vertebrate Biology
Jim Raich
Ecosystem Ecology; Biogeochemistry; Global Change Biology; Environmental Science; Plant Ecology
Kevin j. Roe
Adjunct Associate Professor
Systematics, Population Genetics, Evolutionary Biology
Dr. Haldre Rogers photo
Assistant Professor
Plant Population and Community Ecology, Global Change, Conservation
Dr. Jeanne Serb photo
Associate Professor
Evolution and Development, Molecular Evolution, Evolutionary Biology
Amy Toth
Associate Professor
Behavioral Ecology, Evolutionary Genomics
Nicole Valenzuela
Associate Professor
Evolutionary Biology, Evolutionary Genomics, Evolution and Development
Arnold van der Vall sailing in St Martin
Wetland Ecology
Rob Wallace, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Iowa State University
Associate Professor
Plant Systematics and Evolution, Botany, Taxonomy
Jonathan F. Wendel
Distinguished Professor
Plant Evolutionary Genomics, Molecular Evolution, Plant Systematics and Evolution
Dr. Grace Wilkinson photo
Assistant Professor
Brian Wilsey


Sheryl Bell photo
Assistant Scientist II
Biogeochemistry, Ecosystem Ecology
Dr. Ola Checinska-Sielaff photo
Postdoc Research Associate
Soil Microbial Ecology
Adam Dolezal
Postdoc Research Associate
Behavioral Ecology, Insect Physiology, Honey Bee Biology
Rachel Fleck
Research Associate II
Evan Fricke
Postdoc Research Associate
Eric Gangloff
Post-doctoral Research Associate
Behavioral Ecology, Physiological Ecology
Lois Girton
Academic Adviser III, Biology and Genetics, Program Coordinator, Undergraduate Genetics
Genetics, Learning Community
Robin Gogerty
Secretary III
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Environmental Hydrology, Biogeochemistry, Wetland Hydrology and Environmental Mixing
Corrinne Grover profile picture
Associate Scientist
Evolutionary Genomics
Jacki Hayes
Program Assistant II
Graduate Students, Departmental Communications
Postdoc Research Associate
Evolutionary Biology
Jim Holtz
Coordinator, Undergraduate Student Services- Biology, Environmental Science, Genetics, Academic Adviser III
Plant Biology, Biology
Dr. Guanjing Hu photo
Postdoc Research Associate
Evolution and Development, Plant Evolutionary Genomics
Dr. Wenjuan Huang photo
Postdoc Research Associate
Ecosystem Ecology, Global Change
Emily Kapler
Student Services Specialist II, Transfer Student Coordinator
Conservation Biology, Restoration Ecology, Botany
Dr. Ashley D Keiser photo
Postdoc Research Associate
Ecosystem Ecology, Biogeochemistry
Deborah Lewis
Curator III
Iowa Floristics, Systematics, Curation
Greenhouse Manager
Horticulture, Plant Production
Janet L McMahon photo
Administrative Specialist III
Fiscal Management
Eugenia E. Montiel-Jimenez
Postdoc Research Associate
Evolutionary Biology, Chromosomal Evolution