Ms. Audrey L McCombs

Graduate Assistant-Teaching
Ms. Audrey L McCombs photo

Audrey McCombs is a PhD student in the Debinski lab, where she conducts research on Parnassius clodius butterflies and their nectar sources in Grand Teton National Park.  Her research focuses on population dynamics of alpine insects, as well as meadow resources for pollinators and how those resources might change with a changing climate.  She is especially interested in integrating ecological theory, empirical research, and the practical application of conservation biology to management decisions.  Before joining the Debinski lab she worked in natural resources management for many years in California, Nevada, and Madagascar.  She holds degrees in mathematics and Chinese philosophy, and most recently completed an MFA in creative writing and environment.

Area of Expertise: 
Population Ecology
Conservation Biology
Natural Resources Management
Conservation Ecology
A.A., Mathematics, 1989
B.A., Philosophy, UC Berkeley, 1994
M.A., Philosophy, Johns Hopkins Unviersity, 1997
M.F.A., Creative writing and environment, Iowa State University, 2016
(515) 294-0133