Emily J Kapler

Student Services Specialist II
Transfer Student Coordinator
Emily Kapler

I've proudly been a nerd since I was a kid, but it was taking an AP Biology class in high school that really sparked my interest in the biological sciences.  Biology became one of my majors during my undergraduate education, where I was originally interested in genetics.  Then, I took a basic botany class as part of the biology curriculum and was invited by the professor to do summer research in the woods.  Through that experience, I recognized I had a greater passion for wild places than the lab, and since then I have focused on the ecological and botanical aspects of biology.  After finishing undergrad, I had the privilege of working a couple years at the Chicago Botanic Garden monitoring rare plant populations as part of their citizen-scientist program, Plants of Concern.  From there, I decided to pursue a masters degree and attended right here at Iowa State University.  My research focused on developing models to predict the naturalization of non-native woody plants in areas of the Upper Midwest.  I was able to apply my knowledge of plants in a new way by working in agriculture for a couple years, where I assisted with development of new varieties of corn and soybeans.  I joined the Biology Program team in 2014, and love being able to nerd out with both students and staff alike.  

Area of Expertise: 
Conservation Biology
Restoration Ecology
B.A., Biology and Art, Coe College, 2006
M.S., Forestry with minor in Philosophy, Iowa State University, 2011
+1 515 294 8628
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