Ms. Audrey L McCombs photo
Graduate Assistant-Teaching
Population Ecology, Conservation Biology, Natural Resources Management
Beatriz Akemi Mizoguchi photo
Graduate Student
Ecotoxicology, Genetics
Graduate Assistant-Research, Dr. John Nason
Evolution of Mutualisms
Brent Mortensen
Graduate Assistant-Teaching
Community Ecology, Modeling, Restoration Ecology
Viraj Muthye
Graduate Assistant-Teaching
Evolutionary Genomics
Sarah M Pedersen photo
Graduate Assistant-Research
Plant Evolutionary Genomics
Finn Piatscheck photo
Graduate Assistant-Teaching
Evolution of Mutualisms
Victoria M Pocius photo
Graduate Assistant-Research
Behavioral Ecology, Conservation Ecology
Graduate Assistant-Teaching
Evolutionary Biology, Behavioral Ecology, Biological Anthropology
Sean Satterlee
Graduate Assistant-Teaching
Community Ecology, Maintenance of Biodiversity, Modeling
Michael Shultz photo
Graduate Student, Dr. Carol Vleck
Physiological Ecology, Life-history Evolution, Aging Physiology
Garrett D Smedley photo
Graduate Assistant-Teaching, Dr. Jeanne Serb
Evolutionary Biology, Molecular Evolution, Genetics
Kathleen Thompson
Graduate Assistant-Teaching
Biological Diversity, Ecosystem Ecology, Conservation Ecology
Justin Van Goor
Graduate Assistant-Teaching, John Nason
Evolutionary Biology, Parasite-Host Interactions, Population Ecology
Alexander Walton
Graduate Assistant-Teaching, Amy Toth
Behavioral Ecology, Social Insect Biology

Affiliate and Collaborating Faculty

Image of Mark Widrlechner
Affiliate Associate Professor
Modeling, Systematics, Conservation Ecology

Emeritus Faculty

Bonnie Bowen
Adjunct Assistant Professor (Retired)
Behavioral Ecology, Conservation Genetics, Women in Science
Dr. William R Clark photo
Professor Emeritus
Population Ecology, Wildlife Conservation
John Downing
Professor Emeritus
Limnology, Aquatic Ecology, Global Ecology
Carol Vleck
Professor (Emeritus)
Physiological Ecology