Adams recipient of the Rohlf Medal

August 22, 2019

Dr. Dean Adams will be presented with the Rohlf Medal for Excellence in Morphometric Methods and Applications on October, 24, 2019 at Stony Brook University. The medal is awarded every two years to the top researcher contributing to the development and application of morphometrics and multivariate analyses in the biological sciences.

From the official award notification, "Over more than two decades, Dean Adams has had transformative impact on morphometrics and its application in evolutionary biology and phylogenetic systematics.  This has come via primary research, software development, and outreach.  Adams’s primary research has set the standard for the application of geometric morphometrics to advance understanding of morphological evolution, biomechanics and functional morphology.  His work on geomorph and RRPP for R has enriched the statistical framework of morphometrics and benefitted the broader morphometrics community. His conceptual and statistical work on high-dimensional phenotypes is both innovative and ground-breaking.  Finally, Adams’s tireless efforts in outreach and education related to morphometrics have contributed significantly to making advanced morphometric tools and techniques accessible and useful to a broad community of scientists."

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