Taking a non-traditional route


Nancy ShryockAfter high school graduation, Nancy Shryock fell into a career of accounting. After raising her son and seeing grandchildren born, she decided to get a degree in business administration. She started by going back to school part-time at Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC). During her second semester, she took an environmental science class that changed everything.

"I couldn't even bring myself to take anymore accounting classes," Shryock said.

As a child, she was always outside and loved to know how everything worked. Shryock said she lost all that somewhere along the way. During the class, something clicked and she knew she needed to learn more. She transferred to Iowa State University and has loved it ever since.

While earning her bacherlors, Shryock worked with Dr. Diane Debinski and EEOB graduate student Tori Pocius. She also interned with the Monarch Conservation Consortium. As a new student in EEOB, she now works with Dr. John Pleasants and Dr. Brian Wilsey. her research will likely focus on re-establishing habitat for monarch butterflies.