Quiz 2
Plant Taxonomy Lab
Feb. 6/7, 2000
Two identical tables are set up for the quiz. Progress through the six stations on your table to complete the quiz. Only two people should be at a station at a time to avoid crowding.

1. Which of the four following scenarios are possible for a flower? Circle the correct letter.
(1 pt.)
i. imperfect and incomplete
ii. imperfect and complete
iii. perfect and incomplete
iv. perfect and complete
a. all scenarios
b. all but scenario ii.
c. only scenarios i and iv.
d. all but scenario iii.

2. Write the complete floral formula for this plant. To do so you must count the merosity of each floral whorl, examine the whorls’ connation and adnation, and also determine the insertion type. (You may omit the fruit type from your floral formula as no fruits are present on the plant.)
(2 pts.)
3. (2 pts.)
a. Name the fruit type of a raspberry.
b. Name the fruit type of a pineapple.
c. Which of the two fruits above is an infructescence and which is a single fruit (i.e., arose from a single flower)?
4. Is this species monoecious, dioecious, or neither? (1 pt.)
5. (2 pts.)
a. Name the floral structure that this particular fruit’s pericarp developed from.
b. What evolutionary modification must have occurred to produce this structure?
6. (2 pts.)
a. Fully name the fruit type displayed here (hint: the name is 2 words long to describe the two most notable characteristics of the fruit).
b. Is this one fruit or two (i.e., did it arise from one flower or two)?

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