Dr. Andrew Derocher - Paul L. Errington Memorial Lecture

Thursday, September 22, 2016 - 7:00pm
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The 52nd Paul L. Errington Memorial Lecture

"Polar bears: An Arctic icon in a changing climate"

Dr. Andrew Derocher

University of Alberta

Thursday, September 22, 2016, 7:00 p.m.

Great Hall, Memorial Union


Dr. Andrew Derocher, professor of biological studies at the University of Alberta, has spent thirty years studying the ecology, conservation, and management of large Arctic mammals with a focus on polar bears.  He has made significant contributions to the work of the IUCN/SSC Polar Bear Specialist Group.  Dr. Drocher is associated with the International Association for Bear Research and Management, as well as the University of Alberta’s Museum of Zoology.  He teaches four classes, has an active lab group at the University of Alberta, and lists 189 publications to which he has contributed.  Dr. Derocher was consulted for Adam Popescu’s recent article in the Washington Post, “Love in the time of climate change” (5-24-16). 

As scientists find out more about the impacts of global warming, the arctic is emerging as a particular concern.  Dr. Derocher’s lecture will further enlighten ISU students on the significant changes in habitats and environmental conditions occurring world-wide.  Wildlife, especially charismatic megafauna like polar bears in the Beaufort Sea, are fascinating to students all across our campus, and we expect a large audience for the lecture. 

For more information, see his Lab’s webpage:  http://polarbears.biology.ualberta.ca

Recent Pubs from the Derocher Lab: 

McCall, Alysa G., Derocher, Andrew E., & Lunn, Nicholas J., “Home range distribution of polar bears in western Hudson Bay,” Polar Biology Vol. 38 No. 3 (2015): 343-355.

Edwards, Mark A.; Derocher, Andrew E. “Mating-related behaviour of grizzly bears inhabiting marginal habitat at the periphery of their North American range,” Behavioural processes Vol. 111 (Feb. 2015): 75-83.