Dr. Claire Kremen - Seminar Speaker

Thursday, September 7, 2017 - 3:45pm
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Please mark your calendar for the EEOB/EEB seminar

Dr. Claire Kremen, UC Berkeley

Re-diversifying intensive agricultural landscapes for native pollinators and pollination services

Refreshments served at 3:30pm in room 240 Bessey.

Please contact Sean Satterlee (seanrs@iastate.edu) you would like to meet with Dr. Kremen

Dr. Kremen will discuss factors influencing native pollinators in agricultural landscapes and how we can restore native pollinator communities in these landscapes. She will describe studies from her lab on the assembly of native pollinators in response to the introduction of small-scale habitat enhancements (native plant hedgerows) in intensively-managed agricultural fields in California, and how that influences pollination services to adjacent crops.