Ecological Methods (A Ecl/Biol 371)

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This course teaches quantitative techniques used in management of natural resources with emphasis on inventory and manipulation of habitat and animal populations.

Ecological Methods is a lecture and laboratory course designed to teach principles of project design, and population and habitat assessment.It emphasizes analytical skills and formulation of quantitative relationships from observations and experiments. The Animal Ecology faculty originally designed A Ecl/Biol 371 and A Ecl 451 (Wildlife Management) as a course series that would develop skills to be applied in Wildlife Ecology and Management. I will presume you have interest in combining science and management. I will presume that you have taken basic ecology and introductory statistics. Lecture and labs will progress through topics including statistical and mathematical concepts as they are applied to population and habitat ecology and management, exploitation and conservation biology, and analyses of landscapes including mapping and geographic information systems.

Among outcomes of AEcl/Biol 371 you should expect to:

  1. Have learned more about how understanding of ecological science is integrated into solving important management problems.
  2. Be able to apply current technology to collect and process information needed to reach defendable solutions to wildlife management problems.

In the end, we hope you will be able to envision how you might use material from AEcl/Biol 371 in solving a problem posed in Wildlife Management (or even on the job someday!). We hope you will find the course challenging and fun.

Updated 09/09/2009