Fun Photos

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My children always complain that I didn't include any pictures of them on my web page, so there are a couple of pictures below that show them in action. Click on the picture to view a larger image.

The choice was a picture of son Bryan in a suit when he received his Ph.D. in Toxicology from Duke, or him with a big redfish.

My sisters and I visited Ding Darling Refuge at Sanibel Florida some years ago.

Larkin Powell
Dr. Larkin Powell chose the Huskers over the Cyclones.

Lindsay and Brad were married in 2011.

Todd’s contribution to the bobcat project—making sure there was always plenty to eat!

Manitoba fishing expedition with my Canadian buddies. Organizer Don is the bare-chested guy.

And I became a grandpa in 2013

My buddy Mike in Churchill Manitoba. Yup, that’s a polar bear he’s watching.

Last batch? Mike Ervin, Steph Linde, Dawn Reding.

Updated 6/27/13