Population Analysis (EEOB 611)

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Population analysis is a wonderful field where you can meet smart people like the two individuals pictured to the left. Do you know who they are? Click on a face to find out...


Professor: William R. Clark
233 Bessey Hall
Email: wrclark@iastate.edu
Phone: 294-5176


Population Analysis (EEOB 611) emphasizes analytical and computing skills used to estimate population vital rates, especially population size, survival, and movement rates. The presentation starts with the statistical framework underlying all methods, and builds to consider specific estimation problems. Topics covered include mark-recapture of open and closed population, survival estimation from mark recoveries and individually marked animals, multi-strata models, parameter estimation for modeling, and distance sighting methods. We make extensive use of software like Program MARK and SAS. The approach uses examples from insects, other invertebrates, fish, and especially emphasises mammals and birds. Many of the methods could be applied to plant populations, as well. We often use graduate research projects of class participants as example data sets, so that in the end, you can envision how you might use material from EEOB 611 in solving a problem in your graduate research. A great place to learn about program MARK is through the link on Evan Cooch's homepage.

Updated 09/09/2009