Research Activities

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You can view information about my current projects and graduate student opportunities in wildlife populations:

Vertebrate Populations in Complex Landscapes

My research program is centered on population dynamics of vertebrates, especially in response to large-scale effects of landscape changes. I use an approach that combines field ecology with statistical and simulation modeling. My research program contributes results to both applied and basic ecology and I have received funding from agencies as diverse as the Environmental Protection Agency, USGS Biological Resources Division, US Forest Service, the Institute for Wetland and Waterfowl Research, Iowa Department of Natural Resources, and The Nature Conservancy. I have published scientific papers and chapters in a wide variety of journals and books including recent subjects as diverse as bobcat landscape ecology, Iowa Pleistocene snail population viability, and statistical surveillance of disease. You can browse some of my recent publications.

Currently the largest research effort is devoted to population and landscape ecology of bobcats. The project is a collaborative project funded by the Iowa DNR and has involved graduate students and many technicians. Dawn Reding leads the current emphasis on local and regional population genetics with the advice and collaboration of Dr. Anne Bronikowski.


Update 08/09/2011