Students - Where are they now?

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clearing trapTo paraphrase the motto of the Bank of Canada, "When you succeed, I succeed."

Following is a list of former students...

  • Dawn Reding (PhD) is an Assistant Professor of Biology at Luther College; besides bobcat landscape genetics she’s still working on molecular genetics of turtles and snakes
  • Mike Ervin (MS) is now the Waterfowl Biologist for Ohio Division of Wildlife
  • Stephanie Linde (MS) is a GIS specialist with the environmental services division of Barr Engineering consulting in the Twin Cities
  • Stephanie Tucker (MS) is the Fur Resource Biologist for North Dakota Game and Fish
  • Andy Wiewel (MS) is pursuing a PhD on rats in the pacific islands at the University of Adelaide
  • Aaron Kuehl (MS) is the Director of Conservation Programs for Pheasants Forever in Illinois.
  • Mike Wallendorf (PhD) moved from the Missouri Department of Conservation to biometrician at Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis
  • Mike Phillips (PhD) completed postdocs at USGS Centers in North Dakota and Florida, and is now a Research Biologist with the Colorado Division of Wildlife.
  • Dick Schmitz (PhD) is a former Assistant Professor of Fisheries and Wildlife at Oregon State University, now an ecological consultant.
  • Larkin Powell (MS) went on to the University of Georgia and is now Professor at the University of Nebraska.
  • Anjeanette Perkins (MS) continues to serve sustainability, now as a pastor with a church in Iowa.
  • John Judson (MS) is owner of Diversity Farms, a conservation consulting business in Carroll County, Iowa.
  • Darryl Kroeker (MS) is a Provincial Biologist for Ducks Unlimited Canada in Dawson Creek, British Columbia.
  • John Carlson (MS) stepped down as Executive Director of the California Fish and Game Commission and is now President of the California Waterfowl Association
  • Jim Hasbrouck (PhD) is Supervisor of the Southcentral Region Fisheries staff in Anchorage.
  • Bob Frederick (PhD) is Professor and Chair of Biology at Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond.
  • Thomas Glueck (MS) is a Wildlife Biologist for the U.S. Army in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.
  • Rick Young (MS) is Vice President for Operations of Pheasants Forever in Saint Paul, Minnesota.
  • Rich Medcraft (MS) is a Veterinarian in Millis, Massachusetts.
  • Bob Clay (MS) retired as the Provincial Biologist for Ducks Unlimited Canada and is now Ecologist for the Rouge River Watershed in Ontario.
  • Terry Hingtgen (MS) is a Environmental Biologist for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection

Update 06/27/2013