< Enlarged view of beating heart in newly hatched snail (same snail as below)

Wait for animation images to load. Then, count the number of complete heartbeats during the six second interval. Convert to units of beats per minute.

< Newly hatched pond snail
(albino strain of Helisoma trivolvis)

Location of heart is shown by black box. The heart was viewed by sub-stage illumination. Estimate body size using scale bar. 

     from video by T. Sheffield

 Analysis of heart rate in relation to body size:
  1) Plot heart rate (in beats/min) versus body size (in mm) for snails of three different sizes:
     (a) newly hatched (see above)   (b) see > juvenile   (c) see > adult
  2) Is your plot linear? Describe and explain the relationship.
  3) Compare your data to previously collected data in Helisoma, as seen here > Data sets

  4)  Compare snail heart rates to those of other invertebrates.