All photos below are from living invertebrates obtained in Iowa.  Which ones live near you?

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freshwater sponge
(left)   (right)
nematomorph worm
Animation: swimming
bryozoa colony
freshwater sponge
Animation: water flow
mermithid worms Animation: response to touch
freshwater sponge
gemmules hatching
gastrotrich tardigrade (water bear)
sponge larva snail-eating leech tardigrade eggs
 in exoskeleton
reaggregated sponge gilled tubificid worm
Animation: rapid escape
fairy shrimp
freshwater jellyfish Lumbriculus variegatus
(blackworm, oligochaete)
clam shrimp
hydra with gonads & ovum Lumbriculus tail

Animation: blood pulsations
fish louse
hydra with many gonads Lumbriculus cocoons   copepod nauplius larva
Animation: copepod swim
hydra & buds (orange)
hydra tentacles
trematode-infected snail
Animation: snail tentacles
ostracod (seed shrimp)
Animation: ostracod swim
hydra eating a Lumbriculus fragment freshwater limpet amphipod (scud)
(eating Lumbriculus)
  snail development
Animation: snail heart beat
  crayfish escape reflexes
Animation: rx to head tap Animation: rx to tail tap
planarian cocoon   pond snail (albino strain)
Helisoma trivolvis
rhabdocoel flatworm   baby fingernail clams (L)
adult fingernail clam (R)
  bristletail (diplura)
land planarian   European red slug
(an accidental tourist)
  snailcase maker caddisfly
rotifer colony   bryozoan lophophore   praying mantis
nemertean worm   hatched statoblast
and new lophophore
  ichneumon wasp
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