NEW DOCUMENTS (since Jan. 2005)
New Views of Daphnids New [Restrain daphnids underwater on a tether to observe unimpaired movements of appendages & clear views of daphnid anatomy, physiology & behavior]
Microrulers NEW [Measure microscopuically viewed objects to nearest 0.1 mm using this tiny, flexible, laminated ruler.
 A Toolbox for Working With Living Invertebrates NEW: [Inexpensive materials & methods for collecting, handling & investigating living invertebrates. Excerpts from an article to be published in 26th Proceedings of Association for Biology Laboratory Education (ABLE).
 Stuck-on Artemia [Investigate & quantify hatching in brine shrimp (Artemia) cysts. Follow individual cyst development. Many open-ended investigations possible. NEW Full WRITE-UP NEW: PowerPt slides (15 slides show methods & background NEW Artemia development photos] [COMMERCIAL KIT]
Touch and Temperature Senses NEW [Student lab exercise for determining two-point touch threshold, tactile localization & mapping of cold & warm receptive fields in human skin. Uses new, inexpensive materials for quantifying thermosensory receptive fields; 11 pp.]
 Putting Your Best Root Forward: PORTFOLIO for a PLANT NEW  [Assigned project in which students research & create an employment portfolio for a plant (= a showcase of the ecological niche for a selected plant species).]
Calculation of blood volume moving through the dorsal blood vessel in Lumbriculus variegatus
Discovering Devonian Microfossils [Hands-on workshop at 2004 NABT meeting (Chicago) & 2005 ABLE meeting (Blacksburg, VA)]
Off the Beaten Path [Biology-related images, documents & antiquities - Charles Darwin's book on worms, iceworm image, plant fossil images, pseudoscience parody, teaching aphorisms, & more...]

NEW IMAGES (since Jan. 2005)
freshwater bryozoan images (multiple lophophores; close-up of lophophore; hatching statoblast)
planarian cocoon
ichneumon wasp
Portascope [Photo-1][Photo-2][Photo-3] [Low-power scope uses sub-stage or above-stage ultra-brite LED (canister or built-in LED)
Biology in Action: 31 interactive & computational animations
nematomorph worm [
Animation: swimming ]
locomotion by fluid propulsion in dragonfly nymph [ Animation ]
 new images of Devonian brachiopod fossils (Rockford, IA)
phototaxis images: daphnids, ostracods
hatching of freshwater sponge gemmules
cross-sections of Lumbriculus body wall & ventral nerve cord
Hydra with multiple gonads