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Evolutionary Conservation and Divergence of Gene Coexpression Networks in Gossypium(Cotton) Seeds

Nucleotide diversity in the two co-resident genomes of allopolyploid cotton

A New Species of Cotton from Wake Atoll, Gossypium stephensii (Malvaceae)

Welcome to the Wendel Lab!

Research interests in my lab encompass molecular and genome evolution, phylogenetics, and phenotypic evolution of higher plants.  In our laboratory we use a diverse set of technologies and approaches to explore the manner in which genomes change over evolutionary time, as well as the relationship between these events and morphological change. We have a particular interest in the mysterious and common phenomenon of polyploidy, with a special focus on the cotton genus.

I hope you explore our web page and enjoy what you find.  If you have any questions about our research or opportunities in our lab, please email me at

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Wendel discusses the genetic origins of cotton and its journey across oceans at 37:38

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Watch Jeans, Genes, & Genomes: Exploring the Mysteries of Cotton - A Recent Lecture on Cotton Evolutionary Genomics

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Release of "Secrets of Plant Genomes: Revealed!" Video

Secrets of Plant Genomes: Revealed! makes the study of plants exciting and relevant by showing how learning more about plants can improve our everyday lives. Video

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