Welcome to the Nason Lab


Members of the Nason lab are evolutionary biologists who use ecological and genetic approaches to study evolutionary processes. A common theme in our research has been investigation of the factors influencing gene flow and their impact on the structuring of genetic variation at various scales of organization, be it within populations, across natural landscapes, or between diverging species.


Recent and ongoing areas of research in the Nason Lab includes:

  • Coevolutionary interactions between figs (genus Ficus) and associated pollinating (mutualist) and non-pollinating (antagonistic) fig wasps
  • The evolution of host race formation and cryptic speciation in plant-feeding insects
  • The evolution of fine-scale spatial genetic structure in plants
  • The evolution of population genetic and phylogeographic structure in plants and associated insects
  • Conservation genetics
  • Invasive species biology
  • Graphical population genetics

You can learn more about our work in these areas (and how you might participate in them) from our Projects page.

Lab Members

You can learn more about Professor John Nason and current and past members of the Nason Lab from our People page.


You will find a list of our publications (many with associated pdfs) on our Publications page.


Graduate Opportunities

Masters and Ph.D. Research in the Nason Lab

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Information for Prospective Students

If you have an interest in the research that we do and would like to join our lab in the Department of Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology (EEOB) at Iowa State University, please send an email to Professor John Nason at jnason@iastate.edu with the information below.

  1. Briefly state your research interests and reason for wanting to join the lab.
  2. Your current degrees (or expected degrees) and institutions.
  3. Your GRE scores and percentiles, including subject (if available).
  4. Your GPA (major and cumulative).
  5. Degree sought at Iowa State (M.Sc. or PhD).
  6. Your career objective after graduate school.

See our People page for Professor Nason's contact information.

NOTE: This informal application to join my laboratory as a graduate student and the formal application to graduate school at Iowa State are separate. Depending on their research interests, most students formally apply through EEB, our Interdepartmental Ecology and Evolution Graduate Program, or IG, our Interdepartmental Genetics Graduate Program, and it is best to make contact in the fall and apply by December, or early January to take advantage of internal sources of support (scholarships, fellowships, recruitment awards) offered through various programs at Iowa State. Successful applicants will be invited to visit Iowa State for an interview early in the spring semester for a recruitment weekend. Separate visits at any time also can be arranged.

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