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V. M. Cruz, Nason, J. D., Luhman, R., Marek, L. F., Shoemaker, R. C., Brummer, E. C., and Gardner, C. A. C., Analysis of bulked and redundant accessions of Brassica germplasm using assignment tests of microsatellite markers. , Euphytica, vol. 152, pp. 339-349, 2006.PDF icon art%3A10.1007%2Fs10681-006-9221-5.pdf (285.41 KB)
J. O. Stireman, Nason, J. D., Heard, S. B., and Seehawer, J. M., Cascading host associated genetic differentiation in parasitoids of phytophagous insects., Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Series B., vol. 273, pp. 523-530, 2006.PDF icon rspb20053363.pdf (181.68 KB)
J. S. Hawkins, Kim, H., Nason, J. D., Wing, R. A., and Wendel, J. F., Differential lineage-specific amplification of transposable elements is responsible for genome size variation in Gossypium., Genome Research, vol. 16, pp. 1252-1261, 2006.PDF icon Genome Res.-2006-Hawkins-1252-61.pdf (571.91 KB)
S. B. Heard, Stireman, O., Nason, J. D., Cox, G. H., Kolacz, C., and Brown, J. M., On the elusiveness of enemy-free space: spatial, temporal, and host-plant-related variation in parasitoid attack rates on three gallmakers of goldenrods., Oecologia, vol. 150, pp. 421-434, 2006.PDF icon On the elusiveness of enemy free space.pdf (225.42 KB)
S. G. Hegde, Nason, J. D., Clegg, J., and Ellstrand, N. C., The evolution of California’s wild radish has resulted in the extinction of its progenitors., Evolution, vol. 60, pp. 1187-1197, 2006.PDF icon cali_radishes.pdf (154.37 KB)
J. DeWoody, Nason, J. D., and Hipkins, V. D., Mitigating scoring errors in microsatellite data from wild populations., Molecular Ecology Notes, vol. 6, pp. 951-957, 2006.PDF icon DeWoody_etal_2006.pdf (88.9 KB)
M. Y. Chung, Suh, Y., López-Pujol, J., Nason, J. D., and Chung, M. G., Clonal and fine-scale genetic structure in populations of a restricted Korean endemic, Hosta jonesii (Liliaceae) and the implications for conservation., Annals of Botany, vol. 96, pp. 279-288, 2005.PDF icon Ann Bot-2005-CHUNG-279-88.pdf (190.1 KB)
M. Y. Chung, Nason, J. D., and Chung, M. G., Fine-scale genetic structure in populations of the terrestrial orchid Orchis cyclochilia (Orchidaceae)., Plant Systematics and Evolution, vol. 254, pp. 209-219, 2005.
E. S. Krafsur, Cummings, M. A., Endsley, M. A., Marquez, J. G., and Nason, J. D., Geographic differentation in the house fly estimated by microsatellite and mitochondrial variation., Journal of Heredity, vol. 96, pp. 502-512, 2005.PDF icon Geographic differentiation.pdf (367.28 KB)
J. O. Stireman, Nason, J. D., and Heard, S. B., Host-associated genetic differentiation in phytophagous insects: general phenomenon or isolated exceptions? Evidence from a goldenrod-insect community., Evolution, vol. 59, pp. 2573-2587, 2005.PDF icon Evidence from a goldenrod insect community.pdf (344.24 KB)
M. Y. Chung, Nason, J. D., and Chung, M. G., Patterns of hybridization and population genetic structure in the terrestrial orchid Liparis kumokiri and Liparis makinoana (Orchidaceae) in sympatric populations., Molecular Ecology, vol. 14, pp. 4389-4402, 2005.PDF icon Patterns of hybridization.pdf (343.59 KB)
L. L. Hinze, Kresovich, S., Nason, J. D., and Lamke, K. R., Population genetic diversity in a maize reciprocal recurrent selection program., Crop Science, vol. 45, pp. 2435-2442, 2005.PDF icon Genetic Diversity.pdf (178.27 KB)