Cytonuclear Evolution

One underexplored dimension of allopolyploid evolution is cytonuclear interactions. Potential stoichiometric disruption caused by merging two nuclear genomes but only inheriting one set of progenitor organellar genomes (usually the maternal) suggests that cytonuclear accommodation is a necessary aspect of allopolyploid evolution. Read more about Cytonuclear Evolution

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Small RNA Evolution

Small RNAs are a diverse category of nuclear-encoded non-coding RNAs that play multiple, central functions in eukaryotic development, stress responses and many other biological processes. The major two types of small RNAs are microRNAs (miRNAs) and silencing RNAs (siRNAs). The major focus of this project is the role of and divergence among sRNAs during cotton diploid divergence, polyploid formation, and cotton domestication. Read more about Small RNA Evolution

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