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Comparative Evolutionary Genomics of Cotton

The Comparative Evolutionary Genomics of Cotton is a developing resource for BAC, EST and gene expression data deriving from phylogenetic analysis with genomic investigations. The underlying project is addressing fundamental questions about morphological evolution, the comparative genetic basis of apparent convergence during repeated domestication of divergent wild progenitors, modes and mechanisms responsible for genome size variation, and the functional and agronomic significance of polyploidy. It is associated with a NSF project (PI. J.

ISU Plant Genome Outreach - Home

The Plant Genome faculty, staff, and students at Iowa State University are committed to fundamental discovery and dissemination of scientific resources and information. They actively strive to provide opportunities for education and outreach to the community at large with a special emphasis on K-12 teachers and students as well as undergraduate students.


A music video celebrating the Hawaiian cousin of cotton by the Petersons.