Fun with Fungi -- Iowa State University Fungal Specimen Transcription Blitz

Saturday, October 29, 2016 - 10:00am to 4:00pm
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Do you ever wish you could contribute your skills to natural history collections/herbaria projects and get a special look at specimens and specimen records? If so, WeDigBio is for YOU! Here’s the link for general information about WeDigBio:

We have a WeDigBio  project that will take place on-site in Bessey Hall on the Iowa State University campus on Saturday, October 29th. The Ada Hayden Herbarium has received NSF funding to “digitize” our ~36,000 fungal specimens. This means that we are in the process of photographing all labels and notes, and then transcribing the label text into an online database. You can help with this by joining others in the specimen transcription blitz on October 29th!

As you help transcribe fungal specimen labels online, we’ll also have tours of the Ada Hayden Herbarium, and hear some dark and creepy stories (ever heard of slime molds?) -- as well as some cool facts -- about fungi and our specimens (like we have hundreds of them collected by George Washington Carver)!

Help ISU's Ada Hayden Herbarium digitize its fungal specimens online + Herbarium tours, stories, games and more!

What’s provided? Door prizes, game prizes and lunch

What should you bring? Your computer skills, plus, if possible, your laptop or other fave device with online connectivity (internet-access is provided) that allows easy data entry. We’ll have a few computer stations set up for use if you can’t bring your own.

Where do you park or get off CyRide? Park on the west and south side of Bessey Hall (parking is allowed in most spaces on weekends). Bessey Hall is here:; located at a CyRide transfer point (Bessey/Kildee)

Sponsored by: Iowa State University’s Ada Hayden Herbarium,, with assistance by members of the new ISU Mushroom Club

What is the scope of the specimens? Mushrooms and other fungi from Iowa and North America; 1800s to present

 For more information, contact Deb Lewis, Curator of the Ada Hayden Herbarium;; 515-290-6736 or 515-294-9499