Life after graduation

Monday, September 18, 2017 - 11:10am

Whether your final exam is this semester or your just beginning your graduate student experience, you'll want to know what to expect of life after graduation. Join a panel of EEOB faculty, staff, and alumni to discover what to expect after grad school commencement.

Panel members include:

  • Dr. Dean Adams (EEOB)
  • Dr. Haldre Rogers (EEOB)
  • Dr. Nicole Valenzuela (EEOB)
  • Dr. Grace Wilkinson (EEOB)
  • Deb Lewis (Ada Hayden Herbarium)
  • Corey Welch (Director of STEM Scholars Program)
  • Michelle Balmer (EEOB alumna, Iowa DNR)

Space is limited, please register at