Casey J Judge

Graduate Assistant-Research
Dr. William Crumpton
Casey Judge

My doctoral dissertation research focuses on the dynamics of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and monomethylmercury (MeHg) production within wetlands and wood-chip bioreactors constructed for the purpose of reducing agricultural nutrient loads to downstream waters. These edge-of-field practices have been identified by the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy as the most promising for reducing nitrate loads. I am interested in characterizing the environmental factors that impact GHG emissions and methylation rates in these systems to inform management strategies to minimize negative environmental impacts of these systems. 

Area of Expertise: 
Nutrient Dynamics in Wetlands
Environmental Science
B.S. Biology, dual major Environmental Science, Iowa State University 2014
B.A. Linguistics, minor Ancient Civiliations, University of Iowa, 2008