Chaoqun (Crystal) Lu

Associate Professor
Dr. Chaoqun Lu photo

Chaoqun Lu is a quantitative ecosystem ecologist and has broad interests in understanding, quantifying, and predicting how ecosystem processes and functions have responded and will respond to natural and human disturbances. She joined the department of Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology at Iowa State University in 2015.  Her research uses a systems approach that incorporates process-based land ecosystem modeling, data-model assimilation, and geospatial analysis, to investigate a number of cutting-edge ecological questions. She has particular interest and passion in understanding the coupled carbon, nitrogen and water cycle in the earth system, land-atmosphere exchange of greenhouse gases, land-aquatic interaction and riverine export of carbon and nitrogen, and impacts of multi-factor global change on ecosystem processes.

Area of Expertise: 
Macro-systems Ecology
Ecosystem Modeling
Global Biogeochemistry
PhD, Ecosystem Ecology, Auburn University and Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2009
MS, Ecology, Nanjing University, China, 2004
BS, Ecology, Inner Mongolia University, China, 2002
+1 515 294 7443
241 Bessey