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David I Green

David I Green

  • Research Scientist III
I am a hydrologist with experience in both field-based hydrological investigations and theoretical hydrology. My current primary area of focus is evaluation of the hydraulic and contaminant transport properties of constructed wetlands using dye tracer studies and multidimensional numerical models. However, my professional and academic experiences and interests extend to contaminant transport and modeling in both groundwater and surface water environments, and to watershed and regional-scale analysis of hydrological processes. I have a particular interest in integrating the fields of ecosystems ecology and hydrology to assist in furthering an understanding of the influence of hydrological and hydraulic processes on ecosystem functioning.

My specialties include groundwater modeling, surface water modeling, dispersion and mixing studies, water quality modeling, flow routing analysis, basin-scale hydrological analysis, wetland ecology, constructed wetland design and performance analysis, environmental database development, numerical modeling and model development, scientific programming, environmental statistical analysis, spatial statistics, environmental fluid mechanics, hydrographic surveying, and Geographic Information Systems.

Contact Info

251 Bessey


  • B.S. University of New Mexico, 2003
  • Ph.D. Iowa State University, 2016