Dr. Dean C Adams


I am a theoretical evolutionary biologist interested in the evolution of multivariate phenotypes. I develop new analytical tools for quantifying multivariate phenotypes (morphometrics) and for characterizing patterns of phenotypic evolution, and new statistical permutation approaches for evaluating high-dimensional datasets. Current research emphasizes the development of phylogenetic comparative methods for multivariate datasets, and morphometric methods for characterizing patterns of shape variation and covariation. I am the primary author and maintainer of the popular software R-package geomorph, which provides methods for shape analysis and for phylogenetic comparative analyses of high-dimensional data. I am also an author of the R-package RRPP for high-dimensional data analysis. My empirical work focuses on morphological evolution in vertebrates, with an emphasis on plethodontid salamanders.

Area of Expertise: 
Evolutionary Biology
B.A., Biology, Franklin & Marshall College, 1992
M.S. Biology, University of Lousiana, Lafayette, 1994
Ph.D. Ecology and Evolution, SUNY at Stony Brook, 1999