Emily J Kapler

Student Services Specialist II
Transfer Student Coordinator
Emily Kapler

Roughly a third of Biology Program students are transfer students who came to Iowa State from other institutions.  I joined the Biology Program team in 2014 as the transfer student coordinator, a newly-created position to serve the needs of this student group.  In addition to advising our current transfer students, I help future transfer students plan their transition.  Every semester, I teach an orientation course tailored for transfer students to help them adjust to their new home at Iowa State.  

I am a biologist myself and enjoy sharing that passion with students.  My life science experiences have included beautifying cities with cultivated plants, helping develop new agricultural groups, scrutinizing the wilds for rare plant species, small-scale prairie restorations, and more. 

Area of Expertise: 
Conservation Biology
Restoration Ecology
B.A., Biology and Art, Coe College, 2006
M.S., Forestry with minor in Philosophy, Iowa State University, 2011
+1 515 294 8628
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