Erika J Ibarra-Garibay

Graduate Assistant - Research
Amy L. Toth

Erika’s work revolves around one of the most important pollinators, bumble bees. Her current research involves studying the thermal tolerance plasticity of two Iowa bumble bee species, Bombus impatiens, and Bombus auricomus. As well as in two bumble bees in Argentina – the endangered species, Bombus dahlbombii and the invasive species, Bombus terrestris.

In addition to studying ecophysiology, Erika is conducting work on the endangered rusty patched bumble bee, Bombus affinis. Her efforts include monitoring its threatened population and assessing its overall population health. This work will inform habitat management strategies for the Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program and B. affinis recovery planning targets.

Area of Expertise: 
Wildlife Biology and Conservation
Behavioral Ecology
Pollinator Biology
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
B.S., Wildlife Biology, Adams State University, 2018
251 Bessey Hall