John D Nason

Dr. John D. Nason

I am an evolutionary biologist who employs ecological and genetic approaches to infer evolutionary process. A unifying theme in my research is the use of molecular data to investigate of the factors influencing gene flow (or lack thereof) and their impacts on the structuring of genetic variation in plants and associated insects over a broad range of temporal and spatial scales. This theme is exemplified in our current research on figs-fig wasps, investigating geographic variation in mutualism "fitness" (seed and pollinator production) and how it is influenced by host population size, flowering phenology, and interactions with non-pollinating fig wasps, whose larvae parasitize fig fruit.

Area of Expertise: 
Population Genetics
Molecular Ecology
Evolutionary Biology
B.S., Biological Sciences, University of California, Davis, 1985
PhD, Botany and Plant Genetics, University of California Riverside, 1991
+1 515 294 2268
339 Bessey