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A beautiful, smiling picture of Kate Borchardt in Alaska, 2019

Katherine (Kate) Borchardt

  • EEOB - Graduate Assistant
  • GREBE President
  • Advisor: Amy Toth
Kate's interest in pollination ecology began when she started working in Neal Williams’ Pollination Ecology Lab as an undergraduate lab assistant in 2015. She received her Bachelors degree in Evolution, Ecology and Biodiversity from University of California Davis in 2018 with a minor in German Language. She is currently researching wild bee and wasp pollination networks and health with the prairie STRIPS project at ISU. Her favorite Iowan bee species is Megachile latimanus, especially the males with their “lobster claws”!

Contact Info

201B Bessey, 2200 Osborn Dr


  • B.S., Evolution, Ecology, and Biodiversity at University of California Davis 2018