Matthew B Hufford

Associate Professor
Matthew Hufford

Matt joined the faculty of EEOB as an Assistant Professor in the Fall of 2013. Matt's research spans both the evolution and ecology of crops and their wild relatives with a particular focus on maize and the teosintes. Current research in the Hufford Lab is focused on the demography and local adaptation of ancient farmer varieties of maize known as "landraces", the evolutionary significance of gene flow across taxa in the genus Zea, and genome assembly and comparative genomics of maize, teosinte and grass species in the Andropogoneae tribe.

Area of Expertise: 
Evolutionary Genomics
Population Genetics
B.S., Biology, Wheaton College, 1999
M.S., International Agricultural Development, UC Davis, 2010
Ph.D., Ecology, UC Davis, 2010
+1 515 294 8511
339A Bessey Hall