Richard L Williams
Program Coordinator I
Environmental Science, Environmental Studies, Sustainability

Research Associates

Joelle's profile picture
Postdoc Research Associate
Computational Evolution
Affiliate, Post-Doctorate
Vertebrate Phylogenetics, Systematics
Postdoc Research Associate
Evolution and Development
Rachel Fleck
Research Associate II
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Environmental Hydrology, Biogeochemistry, Wetland Hydrology and Environmental Mixing
Corrinne Grover profile picture
Associate Scientist
Evolutionary Genomics
Dr. Wenjuan Huang photo
Postdoc Research Associate
Ecosystem Ecology, Global Change
Robert Johnson
Postdoc Research Associate
Aquatic Ecology, Ecosystem Ecology
Graduate Assistant
Greta Kutz
Research Associate I
Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, Genetics and Genomics
Postdoctoral researcher
Evolutionary Genomics, Bioinformatics
Postdoc Research Associate, Dr. Matthew B. Hufford, Dr. Candice Hirsch
Transposable element, Evolutionary Genomics, Population Genetics
Elena Sandry
Research Associate I
Greg A Stenback photo
Associate Scientist,
Nutrient Dynamics in Wetlands, Numerical Modeling
Michael Syring
Assistant Scientist, Lab Manager
Alexander Walton
Post-Doc, Amy Toth
Behavioral Ecology, Social Insect Biology, Honey Bees
Postdoc Research Associate
Ecosystem Ecology, Environmental Hydrology and Biogeochemistry, Agricultural Ecology

Graduate Students

Graduate Assistant - Research
Limnology, Ecosystem Ecology
Katherine (Kate) Borchardt is smiling while sitting on a beach with the wind in her hair! She has germanic features, with dirty-blonde hair and blue eyes.
EEOB - Graduate Assistant, Advisor - Amy Toth
Pollination Ecology
Graduate Assistant
Limnology, Community Ecology, Ecosystem Ecology
Jerilyn Calaor
Graduate Assistant-Research
Community Ecology
Graduate Assistant-Teaching
Ecosystem Ecology; Global Biogeochemistry; Ecosystem Modeling
Brittany Cavazos
Graduate Assistant, Haldre Rogers
Plant Animal Interactions
Justin L Conover photo
Graduate Assistant, Jonathan Wendel
Plant Evolutionary Genomics
Graduate Assistant, Dr. Eric Riddell
Physiological Ecology
Holly Curtinrich
Graduate Assistant
Biogeochemistry, Ecosystem Ecology
Graduate Assistant, Dr. Brian Wilsey
Prairie Restoration
Wade Dismukes photo
Graduate Assistant-Research
Statistical Phylogenetics; Molecular Evolution; Macroevolution
Graduate Assistant
Macroevolution, Phylogenetics
Graduate Assistant, Amy Toth
Social Insect Biology
Ann Marie Gawel photo
Graduate Assistant-Research
Wildlife Ecology
Graduate Assistant
Genetics and Genomics, Evolutionary Biology
Graduate Assistant-Research, Dr. Dean Adams
Evolutionary Biology, Gekkotan cranial anatomy, Systematics (Taxonomy)
Graduate Assistant
Herpetology, Evolutionary Biology
Kaitlyn Holden (Pettingill) photo
Graduate Assistant, Anne Bronikowski
Physiological Ecology
Joe Jareczek
Graduate Assistant-Research
Evolutionary Biology
Graduate Assistant-Research
Evolutionary Biology, Herpetology, Biomechanics
Jessica M. Judson
Graduate Assistant
Population Genetics, Phylogenetics, Conservation Genetics
Phil Klahs
Graduate Assistant-Research
Botany, Evolutionary Biology, Biomechanics
Caleb Krueger
Graduate Assistant
Conservation Ecology, Evolution and Development
Graduate Assistant, Steven Hall
Ecosystem Ecology, Biogeochemistry
David A. Loney
Graduate Assistant-Teaching
Community Ecology, Restoration Ecology
Jermaine Mahguib
Graduate Assistant-Research
Graduate Assistant-Research
Computational genomics
Graduate Assistant
Beatriz A Mizoguchi
Graduate Assistant - Teaching, Nicole Valenzuela
Ecotoxicology, Genetics, Epigenetics
Graduate Assistant-Research, Dr. John Nason
Evolution of Mutualisms
Research Scientist II
Water Chemistry
Graduate Assistant
Conservation Ecology, Community Ecology