finger millet
Eleusine coracana

Finger millet is an important grain (ragi), used for food in Africa, China, and India and is also a bad weed in some places where it has been introduced. It is an ornamental annual available through some seed catalogs in the United States. Finger millet is related to goosegrass (Eleusine indica), a common weed in Iowa.

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Finger millet 'Green Cat'. Lynn Clark yard, between Boone and Ames. This specimen has been trimmed back by rabbits. The tips of the characteristic green curved "claws" have been nipped off. 28 July 2003. Photo: Anna Gardner

Annual or perennial: annual

Origin: Africa

Height: 1-2'

Hardiness: zone 4

Habit: clumps

Moisture: rich moist soil

Propagation: seed

Light: full sun

Flowering: June-October

Uses: specimen plantings, fresh and dried flowers

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