Culm Leaves

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CL-1. Girdle: 0 = absent or poorly developed; 1 = present as a band at least 1 mm wide, no flap, prominent or not; 2 = prominent, with or without a flap covering the bud complement.

CL-2. Abaxial sheath surface: 0 = stiff, dark, irritating hairs present; 1 = only soft hairs present; 2 = glabrous, no hairs present; 3 = scabrous.

CL-3. Adaxial sheath surface: 0 = glabrous, shiny; 1 = scabrous-pubescent toward the apex.

CL-4. Sheath apex: 0 = more or less horizontal; 1 = symmetrically convex; 2 = symmetrically concave; 3 = asymmetrical/irregular.

CL-5. Sheath apex (or summit or shoulders) indument: 0 = glabrous; 1 = fimbriate

CL-6. Sheath summit extension: 0 = absent; 1 = present on one or both sides.

CL-7. Oral setae: 0 = absent; 1 = present, whether adnate to the inner ligule or not.

CL-8. Culm leaf blade position: 0 = erect to slightly spreading; 1 = reflexed.

CL-9. Culm leaf blade shape: 0 = broadly triangular; 1 = more or less narrowly triangular; 2 = cordate, some constriction at the base; 3 = pseudopetiolate, lanceolate.

CL-10. Culm leaf blade midrib abaxial development: 0 = indistinguishable; 1 = visible or even prominent toward the apex.

CL-11. Auricle (blade-derived appendage) development: 0 = absent; 1 = present and contiguous with the base of the blade; 2 = present on the sheath apex but not contiguous with the blade.

CL-12. Auricle size: 0 = auricles more or less equal on both sides of the blade base; 1 = strongly unequal, at least 2 times as large (or long) on one side as on the other side.

CL-13: Auricle indument: 0 = glabrous or ciliate; 1 = fimbriate.

CL-14. Auricle position: 0 = erect; 1 = strongly spreading or reflexed.

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