Foliage Leaves

Not every character is illustrated

FL-1. Sheath summit extension: 0 = absent; 1 = present on one or both sides.

FL-2. Sheath summit indument: 0 = glabrous; 1 = ciliate; 2 = fimbriate.

FL-3. Sheath: 0 = rounded on the back; 1 = strongly keeled at least near the summit.

FL-4. Outer ligule (contraligule): 0 = present; 1 = absent.

FL-5. Oral setae: 0 = absent; 1 = present wether adnate to the inner ligule or not.

FL-6. Auricle (blade-derived appendage) development: 0 = absent; 1 = present.

FL-7. Auricle size: 0 = auricles more or less equal on both sides of the blade base; 1 = strongly unequal, at least 2 times as large (or long) on one side as on the other side.

FL-8. Auricle indument: 0 = glabrous; 1 = ciliate; 2 = fimbriate.

FL-9. Foliage leaf blade, abaxial marginal green stripe (best seen in living material): 0 = absent; 1 = present.

FL-10. Foliage leaf blade, pseudopetiole absent: 0 = pseudopetiole distinct (leaf blade base constricted); 1 = pseudopetiole absent (leaf blade not constricted).

FL-11. Foliage leaf blade/pseudopetiole position: 0 = pseudopetiole (if present) and blade upwardly directed, blade fully erect or arching over; 1 = pseudopetiole (and therefore the blade) reflexed.

FL-12. Midrib placement: 0 = centric; 1 = excentric (wider side of blade 1.3 times or more as wide as the narrower side).

FL-13. Midrib development (abaxial surface): 0 = visible (distinct) for the full length (or nearly so) of the blade; 1 = visible (distinct) only in the basal one-third or so if the blade; 2 = not distinguishable from the primary veins in the leaf blade.

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